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Housing Stability Tools

  • Starting out Right

  •  Telephone guide 

  •  Landlord outreach and engagement

  • What does my lease say?

  • Housing Preferences worksheet

  • How to get your first apartment

  • Apartment comparison 

  • Landlord-tenant program agreement

  • Guest Policy

  • Housing Stabilization

  • Excellence in Housing Case Management

  • Increasing Income

  • Case Consults

  • Crisis planning

  • Crisis Plan worksheet

  • What happens if you lose housing

  • Rehousing – Eviction does not mean termination

  • Move on/Transition 

  • Ethical termination

  • Exit Plan



Disability HUB - Free MN website that helps people with disabilities understand benefits and find resources. 

  • HB101 - Learn about housing options and make a housing plan. 

  • DB101 - Learn health, Social Security, and MN benefits and how they work with employment. Benefits estimator to understand what happens when you work. 

  • My Vault - free online tool to save favorite articles and tools, to do benefits planning activities and share them with others, and to get saved Estimator sessions.

    • Store & share important personal files.

    • Keep a list of contacts of people you work with.

    • Save articles & tools


Gap Report MN

MHP County Profiles

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