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What is CARES?

CARES is the name of our Coordinated Entry system in our region. CARES stands for Coordinated Access, Referral, Entry, and Stabilization. 


CARES is the name of our homeless response system. CARES helps our region prioritize limited resources in a streamlined, data informed, and coordinated manner. 


CARES includes coordinated:

  • Access to shelter, prevention assistance, 

  • Mainstream Referrals

  • Assessments for prioritized entry into our regional homeless programs (all transitional and permanent housing programs on our housing inventory). 

  • Case consult meetings and tools to support housing stabilization, from housing search to maintaining housing once in or exiting a program.  

Our prioritization process is designed to help identify individuals and families with the highest needs, least options and supports, and longest time homeless to prioritize them for homeless resources.  

Do you have an open unit or bed? 

If you are a housing agency and need a referral to fill an open unit, complete the a Housing Referral Request

Become a CARES partner! 

If your agency is interested in becoming a CARES Auxiliary, Access, Assessment, or Housing Partner, please contact Carla at

CARES Partnership Agreement

CARES Data Sharing Agreement

CARES Policies

Are you homeless or in a housing crisis?  

Reach out to one of these CARES access sites for your county:  

What programs and services are a part of CARES?

  • Access Navigation

  • Outreach

  • Prevention

  • Emergency Shelter

  • Domestic Violence Shelter

  • Transitional Housing

  • Transitional-Rapid Rehousing

  • Permanent Housing

    • Rapid Rehousing​

    • Permanent Supportive Housing

    • Other Permanent Housing 

  • Stabilization

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