West Central Minnesota

Continuum of Care

System Performance Measures

What are System Performance Measures (SPMs)? A set of criteria established by HUD to better understand and measure the performance of the CoC.

Why do measure system performance?

  • Ensure common understanding of system intent and goals, along with the projects that make up the CoC’s system 
  • Focus on measuring the cumulative impact of programs, not just their individual impact 
  • Help CoCs gauge their progress toward preventing and ending homelessness 
  • Identify areas for improvement 
  • Meet HEARTH requirements 

System Performance Measures: 

–Measure 1. Length of Time (LOT) Homeless
–Measure 2: Returns to Homelessness
–Measure 3: Number of Homeless
–Measure 4: Employment & Income Growth
–Measure 5: First Time Homeless
–Measure 6: Homeless Prevention & Placement of “other” Homeless.
–Measure 7: Successful placement in Permanent Housing.

CoC Performance on SPMs: