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Northwest and West Central Minnesota

Continuums of Care

Northwest - CoC NOFA

CoC Board-Approved 2019 NOFA Consolidated Application & Project Priority List for MN-506

Final Collaborative Application for 2019 NOFA - MN-506 (55 Pages without attachments)

Final Collaborative Application for 2019 NOFA - MN-506 (188 Pages with attachments)

Project Priority List for NOFA 

Final Draft 

Please share you feedback on NOFA corrections or concerns by Noon on Wed., 9/25/2019  (use the link below)


Final Public Listing - 2019 NOFA Project Ranking & Scoring - Approved 9/11/19 by the Northwest Minn. CoC Board

NW CoC Final Project Ranking & Scores 2019

E-SNAPs Now Open for FY2019 CoC Competition

Visit https://esnaps.hud.gov/grantium/frontOffice.jsf

(Copy and paste link into your browser if it doesn't open)

Project Applicants

  • Returning project applicants can choose to import the FY 2018 renewal project application responses; however, this must be requested during your registration of the Renewal Funding Opportunity in e-snaps and is only available if you submitted a renewal project application in the FY 2018 CoC Program Competition (last year). If you import last year’s responses, be sure to carefully review them to ensure they are still accurate and representative of the project.
  • If this is the first renewal project application for your organization, you must complete the entire renewal project application.
  • All new project applications must complete the entire new project application.

FY2019 NOFA Competition

NW Minn. CoC 2019 Application Package - Please download, rename, and save the file to work in this document.  To submit, simply delete the first 15 pages of instructions and the last 6 scorecard pages.

*See site homepage for HUD's NOFA release.

*FY2019 NOFA Timeline for the NW CoC

*Stay tuned for an Application Package for the 2019 NOFA Competition.

*NW MN CoC 2019 Grant Inventory Worksheet

*2019 Ranking & Scoring Committee Meeting - Mon., Aug. 12, 2019 (10:00-4:30) -McIntosh Community Center, McIntosh, MN.  Application materials will be emailed by Aug. 6th. 

2019 NOFA - Ranking & Scoring Cte. Members Sought for NW CoC

The NW CoC seeks individuals interested in the ranking and scoring process for the 2019 NOFA competition.  Eligible members are those who have had a presence at CoC meetings but who are not submitting or partnering in the submission of a CoC

Application for FY2019.  The meeting will be the 2nd-3rd week in August 

depending on availability of the majority of members.  Members will need to individually review applications in advance of the meeting.  Contact NW CoC Coordinator, 

Becky Schueller at nwmncoc@bemidjiconsulting.com if you're interested in serving  on the Committee.