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MN Statewide Training - Lead Agency Letter of Interest (LOI)

The Minnesota Statewide Training Planning Committee seeks interest from vendors experienced in managing and carrying out training. The Committee has worked to create a Statewide Training Curriculum (found in the link above) and includes representatives from HUD, MN CoCs, the Minnesota Tribal Nations, housing service providers, advocates, and MN state agencies (DHS, Minnesota Housing, and the Office to Prevent and End Homelessness).  

Specifically, the Committee seeks a vendor to develop and/or administer training on core tenets of homeless responses and services. Training offerings may be developed across one or multiple formats to best serve the needs of service providers, frontline staff, managers, leadership, and/or advocates working towards an end to homelessness in Minnesota. Training should be accessible to providers across the state and meet various funding requirements and philosophies. 

Respondents will be evaluated on demonstrated knowledge, experience, capacity, and the relevancy and reasonableness of the provided work samples. Please note that this LOI should not be construed as intent, commitment, or promise to acquire services, supplies, or solutions offered. However, the selected applicants may be invited to formal funding opportunities in the future.

The Committee invites all interested parties to submit a response below that encompasses one or more training formats and target audiences as outlined in the Statewide Training Curriculum document linked above. The due date for the LOI is Wednesday, May 24, 2023, at 5 p.m. Central Standard Time. Questions for this LOI can be submitted to MNTrainingPlanning@gmail.com

MN Statewide Training Curriculum

MN Statewide Training LOI Form