Continuum of Care
West Central MN
Working together to make homelessness rare, brief & one-time

  West Central Minnesota

Continuum of Care

Heading Home

Why End Homelessness?

  1. To create more stable citizens and a stronger community.
  2. It’s cost effective.
  3. It is ethically & morally “the right thing to do”
  4. It’s Practical.
  5. It is a religious Imperative to help those less fortunate.

Plans to End Homelessness

Heading Home Plan to End Homelessness

Our country will not be a good place for any of us to live unless we make it a good place for all of us to live in ."   

                                                                                                            - Theodore Roosevelt

Prioritizing housing is a more humane, practical and cost effective means of supporting our homeless citizens than current emergency services, emergency shelter, detox, jail, and emergency rooms.

  • With a stable roof over their heads, partnered with appropriate supports and treatment services, individuals with severe mental illness or chemical dependency are better able to focus on the core issues that cost them housing and become stable, contributing citizens.
  • Various studies have shown Housing First and Prevention programs to be more cost effective than Emergency Shelter.
  • Placing housing first has shown success nationally, reducing the numbers of chronic and long-term homelessness by preventing the cycle of homelessness that too many of our citizens get caught in.
  • Allowing individuals to become homeless or cycle in and out of homelessness is a costly drain on emergency services time and resources. It is far more practical and cost effective for communities to focus their time, resources and energy on stabilizing individuals in housing and providing them with the skills, training and support to living as independently as possible.
  • For religious believers, it is a religious imperative to help those who are homeless and in need.
  • Communities who support and strengthen their weakest citizens become more attractive for all their citizens.