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Northwest and West Central Minnesota

Continuums of Care

Coordinated Entry System


Are you homeless or at risk of homelessness?

If you are currently homeless or at-risk of becoming homeless, please contact one of the providers in your county of residence.

Northwest Minnesota Access Sites

List of Access Sites for Homeless Assistance and Housing.

For information about the State of MN CES planning click here. To find contacts for other MN CoC regions, scroll to the bottom of the page under Contacts. 

For information about the HUD CES requirements click here

Coordinated entry is . . .

  • A client centered and uniform process for improving system-wide entry and referrals.
  • An intervention designed to provide more rapid and simplified access to housing. 
  • A system which prioritizes limited resources to those who need it most. 
  • A system using real-time and region-wide data to inform current and future services. 

Process components include:

  1. Access - Sites offering consistent, fair, and simplified access to the homeless response system.
  1. Assessment - A tool designed to assess for the most appropriate linkage to housing & services. 
  1. Assignment - Process to link, prioritize and enroll households in homeless designated programs.

Why Coordinated Entry System (CES)?

  1. Opportunities for improved services:
    • Better knowledge and utilization of resources, matching services to needs of clients.
    • Increased equality and consistency of service assessment and referral process.
    • Improved data to help evaluate and improve project & system performance. 
  2. Clients are at the center of the service delivery versus programs. 
    • People can easily access the system from any one of various publicized locations.
    • Forms and processes are standardized and progressive. 
    • Providers help to secure and stabilize persons in housing. 
    • Assistance is just enough to achieve and maintain housing.
  3. Hearth Act Regulation mandate that ESG and CoC Programs must utilize Coordinated Entry.