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Point-in-Time & Housing Inventory Counts

The Point-in-Time (PIT) count identifies who is filling beds on a single night or point-in-time. The Housing Inventory Count (HIC) is an inventory of available and filled homeless units and beds at one point-in-time to assess system capacity and usage.

Point-in-Time Count


The PIT collects the number and characteristics of persons who meet the HUD definition of homelessness on the night of the PIT who are sheltered (in shelter or transitional programs) and unsheltered. It is a count of who needs shelter AND who is in shelter and transitional housing programs on the night of January 24, 2024. Basically, the PIT tells us how many people don’t have shelter and how many are sheltered.

Who is included in the count?

  • Sheltered Count: Persons utilizing dedicated emergency shelter, motel voucher, overflow, domestic violence, and transitional housing beds on the night of the count.

  • Unsheltered Count: Persons sleeping in a location not meant for regular sleeping (vehicles, sheds, barns, fish houses, entry ways, buses, outside, parks, tents, etc.) or persons in housing considered dilapidated.

  • Housing Inventory Count: All programs that have units or beds designed specifically to serve persons who are homeless including emergency shelter, domestic violence, motel voucher, transitional housing, rapid-rehousing, or other permanent housing.  


Who should NOT be counted!  

  • Persons temporarily staying with family or friends (i.e., “doubled-up” or “couch surfing”).

  • Persons residing in institutions (e.g., jails, juvenile correction facilities, foster care, hospital beds, detox centers) unless being discharged on the day of the count without other housing.

Unsheltered Volunteer Training

2024 Volunteer Instructions

2024 Volunteer Agreement

PIT Survey-paper

PIT Observation Tool

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Veterans Handout 

Veterans Registry ROI

Anyone who knows of a homeless Veteran is encouraged to call 1-888-LinkVet (546-5838). Veterans can choose to join directly and anyone can refer a Veteran to join by completing the release of information form.

Authorized users may log-in to the Registry here.

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